Events: info and brokerage 2011

The new calls are now in the last stage of preparation and will be officially published on July 14. Most of them will have deadline between December 2011 and February 2012. Drafts of the Work Programs are circulating and you are very welcome to contact me and I will provide the draft versions directly to you.

It is crucial for the success of a proposal to be a part of a good consortium and most of the consortiums are under development now. Therefore, I strongly recommend researchers to participate on info meetings, brokerage days etc. in the coming months. Networking activities are supported!

April 7:    AAL Information Day, Brussels (Ageing Well)
April 15: B2B Clean Tech, Switzerland
April 26: SSH and Capacities in next FP, Oslo
April 27: NMP Workshop in Photonics, Bern (Nano, New Materials/Production)
April 27: AAL Information Day, Odense (Ageing Well)
May 12: FCH JU info meeting, Brussels (Fuel Cells)
May 19: FCH JU Brokerage Event, Berlin (Fuel Cells)
May 19: ICT Proposers Day(s), Budapest
June 7:   Innovative Regions in EU, Debrecen
June 8: SMIG Info and Brokerage on Security Programme in FP7, Brussels (more info will follow)
June 9:   Brokerage Event on Solar Technologies, Munich
June 9:   Open Info day + Brokerage Event on Health in FP7, Brussels
June 17: Information Day Environment in FP7, Brussels
July 18: Transport Info/Brokerage, Brussels (more info will follow)
Open Calls:
People/Marie Curie Action: Individual Fellowships are open with deadlines in August
AAL Call 4:
Deadline: June 30

Contact me for more information, comments, help, whatever..
Søren Kragholm
Tel +47 4667 3102


Om Søren Kragholm
For everyone who seek funding for research and innovation activities!

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